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AREA 51... into the Semi Final of BGT

It's going to be a very exciting - and quite bizarre - few days for our crew. Seemingly from nowhere we've managed to get thru to the semi final stage of the UK TV's biggest show - Britains Got Talent - with an act led by our famous Globots.

Whatever the outcome, our crew have done incredibly well to get as far as they have, and can feel justifiably proud of their acheivement. We've already been given 4 massive Yes's from the judges and sailed through the early rounds. It's not the typical act you'd see on BGT- but they asked for something different and we were damned if we weren't going to rise to the challenge. Though I'm still not quite sure they know what to make of us! So far audiences have only been treated to a taste of what got the judges so very excited, so hopefully appetites have been whet. We've frantically been planning and rehearsing something really special for the show, which will go out live and uncut - and with the proper music this time! You only get one chance to do this, so we're going to have as much fun with it as we can - they've never had anything like this on the show before...

As Simon Cowell said - "Inventive, different; definite Yes from me - well done!". And in the words of David Walliams - "I'm frightened of the robots!"

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