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AREA 51 - Britain's Got Talent semi finalists!

"I absolutely love this act - I'd like to buy you and have you in my house, performing the whole time!" - SIMON COWELL

We're so proud of our AREA 51 crew for making it as far as the semi-final of this year's Britain's Got Talent. From 65,000 entrants we made in onto the live shows with an unprecedented SFX dance routine that featured pyrotechnics, illusion, digileg aliens, dance, a giant transformer robot and 2 revamped Globots.

Differing from the other acts in that every single prop, costume and effect was constructed in our own workshops, it was a superhuman effort to get as much of the show working as possible before the cameras rolled. A last minute executive producer decision meant we had to lose our lovely rocket boosters on the robots legs - but with so much happening they probably weren't missed.

After an exhausting few weeks preparation, it all came down to 90 seconds of tightly choreographed pyrotechnic-laded action - totally unlike anything the judges had seen attempted before.

We were a little up against it having only 2 days to generate a following after our audition was televised, and as we'd taken the decision to deliberately go with something totally different we think that realistically getting past this stage might have been tricky. But we more than held our own on the night against fantastic opposition that had received masses of pre-publicity and had huge fan bases.

Notorious as the most critical and difficult to please judge on Britain's Got Talent, straight-talking Simon looked gutted when we came to the end of our BGT road-trip. But by going in with something so spectacularly different, we think we've moved the goalposts just a little for Britain's Got Talent for the future.

Feedback from crew, other acts and the public has been phenomenally positive. Our mission was to create maximum impact, and blaze a trail for the cutting edge type of cabaret we're famous for - opening the door for those more creative acts that offer more than just song and dance.

Maybe we'll have another shot for the title next year, but for now we'll take a few days of well - earned rest. Then we've got a whole new load of stuff to deal with as we move into the very top level of the entertainment business feeling just that little bit more famous than we did before. It's certainly an honour to get a huge thumbs up from the biggest, best respected and most feared name in entertainment - we're on the right track!

"A fantastic act - certainly completely different to anything else we're ever going to see on the show" - DAVID WALLIAMS

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