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Sometime in the past before the future began the 66Sick office was deserted, machines slowed before grinding to a halt, silicon chips were fried and a creeping growth of plant life in a garden of evil carpeted the once busy hive of activity with organic abandon.

And things got weirder...

So then came the call to send in Area 51's crack hit squad and the liquid electricity of the soul began seeping out to fertilise the Secret Party hang out at Glastonbury 2014.

This year's Secret Party venue, 66Sick, held at Shangri-La, in the naughty corner of the festival site, was a virtually non-stop riot of hedonism in a location that was designed to be a disused office environment and, as always, Area 51 were on hand to smash it into smithereens with a large sized crew of performance artists.

For four consecutive nights the 51 troupe helped the night-til-dawn ritual of partying roar through the small hours with an exhaustive list of performers and characters on hand to tear it up.

Area 51 also had its Caravan of Lost Souls tethered close by for the duration of Britain's most famous festival and this year a host of fresh faces joined in the mayhem.

Berlin-based fetish queen Evilyn Frantic and JoJo Bones together with Romanian hoops expert Gina Steliana added a sexier and more debauched edge to an already edgy bunch of performers from 51.

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