‘66Sick’ smashes it at Glasto!

Area 51 looked to the future at Glastonbury 2013, creating an entirely new event to replace its massively popular Fish and Tits attraction and the gamble paid off as punters flocked to lap it all up

After the total destruction of the seedy Shangri-La underworld, a post-apocalyptic scenario played out with the famously extreme late night locale split into ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell,’ Area 51 were offered the task of producing the Heaven element but declined with a cheeky: “Bad is what we do, sir, it forms the core of our hellish organisation!”

And so Fish and Tits took a sabbatical, 66Sick was born. An Orwellian nightmare, Area 51 came up with a set that saw Big Brother surveillance welded to the seedy underworld and was powered by the internet to create a world where one’s privacy is extinct and nothing is censored.

A centralised control room, and all seeing eyes seemed to watch everything, with the hidden authority aware of every single action made. Freedom was a thing of the past. The camera watches you, constantly, consistently. Shocking visuals were relayed to the hundred or so screens and projectors clinging Cthulhu-like to the venue’s inner skeleton.

The Area 51 team was privileged to have on board good friends The ‘Secret Party Project’ – and true to form they provided a pumping soundscape which made sure the event was rammed to the rafters at all times.

Tech side of things were taken care of by one of Area 51’s longest running associates Adam Steadman and his ‘Tech Factory’. All the crew took part in an intense 5-day build… and are still probably suffering nightmares as a result. Brighton’s Tubba 3 Ply were on hand once again to entertain with some choice break-beat dub-punk techno.

Up and coming Deejay duo, ‘In:Telli Gents’ made their surprise debut – causing all manner of Daft Punk rumours - their experimental stage show going down a storm.


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