Thousands of surfers and VW enthusiasts flocked to the evocative Cornish coastline for the last event of it's name - Run to the Sun.

For 26 years revellers had partied hard under the name, but alas, all good things must come to an end... And so, for the final chapter of such a historic event, it was down to Area 51 to provide something memorable. 

The sun shone down on the site as if blessing the end of an era. The A51 crew of 25 dangerously skilled entertainers, flowed into the dressing room with energy levels fit to burst, fully aware history was about to be made.

The stage managers knew their antics all too well by now, and as the team armed the pyrotechnics on their giant robots, there was a discerning nod of approval - as if to say "It's the last one - go for it!"  And that was exactly what happened...

The legendary DJ Fresh was all too pleased to see the fleet of robots standing to attention as he began his headlining set and cordially invited Area 51 to join him on stage.  Sparks flew thick and fast as the DJ challenged the Globot's stamina with tune after tune of relentless party anthems.

VoodooGeddon had been long looming and it wasn't long before the post apocalyptic tribe, thirsty for thrills and fire skills stormed the stage in true 51 fashion on the final night.

Shamans wielded CO2 cannons, warriors washed the walls with mouth-born fire balls and sparks shot far and wide whilst the Voodoo vixens tantalised the front row with their primal and exotic movements.

The spectacle formed by the Area 51 crew and incredible DJs made sure Run to the Sun will never be forgotten!