We join the metal heads for a long weekend of hard rocking, hard drinking and hard fun!

This is the gnarly, riff-fuelled, skull banging three-day hard rock festival making its 6th annual appearance on the winter circuit. With more than 50 bands from around the globe descending on the Welsh resort , it delivers a smashing feast collating all the genres to suit all generations of rock enthusiasts.

And we let out a few of our wild animals out their cages, free to roam the Hard Rock circuit and deliver round after round of fiery, high octane stage sets that included plenty of fire, dance and grind.

The crew performed with bands such as Attica Rage, Bonafide and Testament, a band which our Dozza has been a massive super-fan of since the tender age of 12, so to join them onstage was a childhood dream come true for her.

Perhaps the highlight for many was the on-stage collaboration of Ugly Kid with Area 51. UKJ lead man Whit Crane effectively tore up the place, making the crowd cheer on demand while the our Steam Punks provided visual flavour for the crowd to feast on in an unforgettable finale. "Everyone make some noise for how weird this moment is!" Singer Whit Crane cried - and the crowd roared, beer became airborne and fists punched the sky.

The lead man got in touch with a little message to us, writing,

"A massive hello from me! Absolutely wicked moment and genuinely was the best part of the festival. Crossing paths again needs to happen! ;-) xx

Next Year's Hard Rock Hell 7 has been labelled... "Cirque Du Rock" ...a Rock n Roll big top extravaganza full of dark and twisted moments, laced with pure adrenaline fuelled camaraderie from a circle of people who continue to form the core of what they do.

Dark and twisted is our middle name. Bring on the debauchery!

Tickets are available from the website.