Exit Festival 2013 – SERBIA

Set in the grounds of a 17th century fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia and fuelled by Rakia, a potent local home-brewed spirit/paint stripper, the Area 51 crew took the Exit Festival by storm for the seventh consecutive year!

The festival dance arena is the event highlight with an epic atmosphere for punters and performers alike, particularly when the stage is still rocking at 8am just as the sun comes up while thousands are still raving on the canvas.

Area 51 sent its tribal-tastic VoodooGeddon show along with the exciting new iGlobot performers… In-house talents Jeffrey and Kirsty took to the air with stunning silks routines.

Among the headliners were David Guetta, Steve Angello and Eric Prydz, all laying down a soundtrack for the performances. Fatboy Slim also featured on the bill and partied with the Area 51 crew.
They taught him a few simple rules that Area 51 have followed with an almost religious fervour:



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