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Aztec / Tribal / Jungle

Exciting exotica comes roaring to life with the remarkable rainforest theme packages on offer from Area 51!

Transforming any venue into a truly tropical treat using a combination of Area 51's idiosyncratic and intoxicating collection of hand-crafted Inca style blocks, tribal carvings together with oodles of moss and foliage, this ultimate rainforest theme has proven to be extremely popular with a wide range of clients.

Ideal to mix and match this colourful collection of props and scenery with the acclaimed Area 51 Tiki range of entertainment options from a stage set or photo opportunity to a full and all-encompassing package, this is a great way to make a statement and create a buzz!

The overall effect is to create an impression of sub tropical holiday destinations and mythical Shangri-Las dreamed up by armchair safari explorers.

The theme can be applicable to events that incorporate any kind of tropical ersatz whether it be traditionally "Tiki" with Oceanic and Polynesian flavours or whether a more African jungle atmosphere is required. Likewise the package is perfect for events with an Amazonian and South or Central American feel.

Our wide range of performance artists can be called upon to perform an equally wide range of eye-catching routines with costume designs honed in on the event theme. Further additions to the package can be made with our collection of wild and exotic animal creatures.