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Forests and Enchanted Woods

Step inside the enchanted forest, a leafy realm where dreams come to life and magic lurks within the branches. Midsummer Night's dreams are made on nights like these..

We have a beautifully realistic orchard of trees - initially designed and developed for use at the London Olympics in 2012 where it was received with wild acclaim. The trees offer many different solutions for an event ranging from a couple sited at an entrance or stage set up, a half dozen positioned around a function through to an all-encompassing canopy that covers the entire venue.

The trees can come in various guises including cherry blossom, white and wintery or full green foliage. And of course, as always, AREA 51 can further illuminate the experience with lighting and of course by supplying performance artists and walkabout characters.

These could potentially include a selection of wild animals or mythological and fantasy creatures like fauns

If you need a full room transformation, we also construct self-supporting tree systems, capable of providing realistic oaks, and a dense overhead canopy which can transform a room into a wonderful wildwood or enchanted forest as pictured here.