Quiz Night

He’s Melvin Cheddar, and he’s cheese - to him it comes with ease... With ultra-cool, slick seventies styling this ‘tached and tweeded’ tosser takes centre stage in his very own quiz show - the BIG CHEESE...

Ably assisted by the Kensington twinettes (his former co-stars in a number of low-budget straight-to-top shelf video ‘artworks’) he brings you a mixture of question and physical activity rounds that’ll have your brain in a twist, and your legs in a knot.

A flexible package indeed, questions can be themed the occasion - ie. seasonal - and activities are tailored to each venue depending on space. With a fully functioning quiz-desk (he still can’t work half the buttons) as centrepiece, we can even arrange the rounds around the courses of your dinner.

Complete with Austin Powers style psychedelic soundtrack that’ll have you gyrating in your own seat. Ideally suited to 6-10 tables of guests, each table pitted against each other in a battle of incompetence and physical exhaustion - in a bid to find the ultimate winners of the BIG CHEESE.

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