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"Legend tells of a travelling showman and his tragic collection of grotesque sideshow freaks..." AREA 51 bring you a truly horrifying Halloween / Horror spectacular - Igor Rasputin's BIG TOP OF TERROR! Playing on our lust for the Victorian Freakshows of yesteryear. Not for the faint - hearted...

  • Terrifying 15 minute horror show set in its own Big Top
  • See Victorian freaks - Human Chimps, Elephant Man + more
  • Be chased by vicious dwarfs and Killer clowns..
  • Takes up to 200 persons over 3 hours
  • Show can be extended for smaller groups, featuring real freakshow cabaret and dark Burlesque dancers.
  • Ideal night-time festival attraction
  • Ideal Halloween Party attraction - guests can go through in groups whilst the others dine / dance / party
  • Not suitable for children
  • Can be booked as cash generating attraction

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