Emma Fay's human art designs have helped maintain Area 51's reputation as 'out of this world' by revolutionising the public face of the company.

Production values have gone stratospheric thanks to the stunning and precision centred concept body art, hair and beauty by a true artisan who is widely acknowledged as one of the world's very best in her field.

Emma has worked closely with Area 51 for the past three years and has been involved at the epicentre of developing some of our best known shows. Here we showcase some of her own incredible work alongside some of the sumptuous creations she has come up with for the company.

Transforming Area 51 performers into living human works of art, Emma and her team of assistants come up with visual concepts that live long in the memory and add drama, glamour and idiosyncratic style to any event, whatever the theme.

She has been closely involved in the development of highly acclaimed Area 51 shows and circus productions like Tiki and her remarkable and quixotic work has helped maintain the company's position at the cutting edge of contemporary performance art.

Recently Emma achieved worldwide recognition when a photo of her amazing body paint giraffe theme on fellow Area 51 girl Beth Sykess went viral and became an enormous global hit, highlighting the high standards that customers can expect when booking Area 51 artists.

Emma has combined artistic, theatrical and business backgrounds with wide professional knowledge and experience to liaise closely with the imaginative minds at AREA 51 to realise the company’s grand designs.

She has accompanied performers on trips all over the globe to provide meticulous on the spot services.

Put simply: If you want the cream of our prized crop of stylists, look no further than Miss Fay and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.