Loki's work is diverse and incorporates one of the most visually unique acts available in the world today. Loki is also fast becoming recognised as a leading comedy mentalist.



Winner of the Magic Circle’s Stage Magician of the Year, Loki can perform in all types of venue, from intimate dinner parties through to 1000 seater theatres for corporate presentations, product launches or any other event you care to mention. He is able to customise any of his performances to suit your branding, ethos or preference. Details of current packages are listed here though Loki is often asked to customise a show to suit, so give us a ring if you have any particular requirements.

The Quirky One
Loosely termed as the ‘joker-esque’ act this is best described as a ‘Magical Cartoon Fairytale’. Beautifully produced and presented, this performance is fast paced and bright with props and stage furniture that are almost surreal in their design. Loki works silently in classic mime to specially arranged orchestral music which gives his performance complete international appeal. The brilliant quirkiness that is themed throughout the show treats his audiences to something quite unique. The snow storm finale is a beautiful and rousing end to a very different and originally entertaining act.

David Zambuka’s Mindbender Show
This isn’t hypnotism, but the new wave magic sweeping the world. Described as ‘devilishly clever with razor sharp wit’, David Zambuka stuns people with one hundred percent accuracy and logic defying routines. Spectators randomly seated discover that their choice of seat was correctly predicted ahead of time, everyone wins a prize draw with strangely appropriate prizes, ordinary light bulbs explode by the power of mental energy, and the list goes on. This amazing act can be performed as walkabout close-up magic or on a stage, and you’ll be glad to know that all the effects are safe.

Manuel Martinez
Think of comedy magic at its most surreal and funniest. Manuel reckons he’s Cuba’s biggest star! With his ridiculous mispronunciation of the English language, the comedy of Manuel Martinez is very reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther movies. Able to run for one hour or as required, Manuel Martinez could also be used to MC or compere a whole event.