Rob Horsman

Rob Horsman is a highly experienced performer providing top quality entertainment that caters for any theme or event. Including, crystal ball manipulation, fire arts, Jack Frost and some mesmerising juggling.

The contact juggling act has to be seen to be believed – up to eight balls moving in fluid motion around the body. The balls achieving an amazing sychronized beauty.
The club juggling is state of the art: technically complex and beautiful, comprising of some of the most intricate, impressive and difficult tricks in club juggling.
Jack Frost wows audiences with his shock antics and skills. He’s an incongruous frozen fellow who thaws out when people least expect, delighting with his crystal ball juggling skills. Perfect for any Winter or Ice themed events.

Rob is expert at the following skills:

  • Crystal Ball manipulation
  • Club juggling - up to 5 clubs
  • Ball juggling
  • Fire arts
  • Living Statues
  • Jack Frost crystal ball act