Rob Fiery

Rob Fiery puts on the most stunning cabaret juggling shows in this country. Whether it's solo with his hi-tech glow suit, as a part of Light Fantastic  or doing a spectacular fire show you can never go wrong with Rob.

Now back in the UK by popular demand! The mad professor of the juggling world, he is the owner and creator of  some of the most fantastic light suits in this country and the most hi tech programmable glow juggling equipment available in the world.  Every inch of his spectacular acts can be programmed to be in time with music, leaving onlookers pleasantly perplexed at the complexity Rob and his team make look so effortless.  Squeaky clean routines, owed in part to his preferred performance partner being his dearly beloved, you can rely on Rob to show you things the wannabes won't achieve for many, many years - try as they might!  On top of all this, he is one of the best technical jugglers on the circuit and will always finish a show with a 5 club finalé - always guaranteed to raise a cheer from the crowd.

Having been perfecting his acts for almost as long as we have, Mr Fiery and 51 have come together on dozens of momentous occasions and his light fantastic routine even had a starring role in the debut of our first big-time circus production, Somnambu.