Andy Sinclair

Mime artist extraordinaire Andy Sinclair has a quirky quartet of characters to dazzle and entertain with.

Andy's stage show is a pleasing mix of classic mime weaved together with elements of contact juggling and hoop isolation which can run either at six, 11 or 14 minutes at length, all of which can be performed by any of his four creations.

Particularly ideal for circus, Moulin Rouge and French themed events, Andy's impressive show is founded on wide experience within the industry and exudes class, energy and excitement.

His four character shows include:

1: Nebular 1

This is a playful, friendly and inquisitive robot character polished an elegant black and featuring high tech trickery that includes an on-board CCTV camera with a TV monitor screen that is embedded in the robot's chest plus an electronic voice and other sounds making it perfect for any sci-fi related functions.

2: Nebular

A charming and formally-dressed robot character that is immaculately presented, Nebular is a genial and polite host who can welcome guests, discreetly flirt and entertain with wit.

3: The Mime

One of Britain's leading technical mime artists, Andy Sinclair has mastered the art-form adding further entertainment skills to the genre and his immaculately presented and off the wall mime show is a delight that has eanred him plaudits all over the world.

4: Pierrot

This is a classic character whose history dates back to the 17th century and the 'Commedia del Arte.' Graceful and slow-moving, this character also retains some of the nebular characters' aspects of fun and frivolity.