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Fantastical characters suitable for all ages! The realm of all things weird & wonderful, where legends of conspiring sea Sirens become reality and myths of magical Elves come to life! Looking for something specific? Try our plentiful characters based on your favourite books and films.

We take our fictional fantasies very seriously here at Area 51 - That's a fact!  



Behold the mighty lord of the oceans and his meddlesome mistress!
The most biggest eccentric entrepreneur in fictional history just got even bigger!
As the formidable Tiki tribe grows in talent, so too do its numbers and more and more lost souls are joining their ranks.
Jabberwocky beware! Our Carrol themed costumes are plentiful – we’ve even got the March Hare!
Whether it’s brains, heart or courage you’re looking for to inspire your next event, forget following that yellow bricked road and let us bring the…
The darker side of Tiki!
A now globally recognised tribal troupe joined our ranks in 2013 and quickly became our most in demand costumes – ever!
Area 51 put the ICE back into 'nice' with our elegantly themed Ice time for Christmas 2011. Theese elegant and eye-catching costume creations are…
The world's only walking, talking animatronic Troll - measuring in at a colossal 9 foot tall and 7 foot wide. Clad in specially commissioned armour,…
Fantasy creatures from the forest, AREA 51's fauns have reinvented the legendary characters as beautiful contemporary beasts.
Delicious dark warrior elf girls to deliver a dose of fantasy glamour at any event!
Take a trip to the magic of Neverland with our own Peter Pan character.
Hear Aslan roar!! An impressive 10ft tall Aslan the lion installation
Nautical themed fun on offer with Neptune, the god of the ocean together with a mythical mermaid.
Beautiful elegant fairy-like creations. Sumptuous, flowing robes and a host of flowery decoration give these earthy characters a truly Goddess-like quality.
Larger than life Superheroes. Fatty Batman and Supersized Superman.