Long term animal lovers, we just couldn't resist recreating some of our favourites and breathing life into them. Attenborough himself would be proud of an animal entourage like ours! From life like masked mammals to more conceptual designs, we can bring the zoo to you! 

Horse around with our giant Giraffe, or get up close and personal with King Kong and his Chimp chums! 

Behold, the Eighth Wonder of the world!
This Glow-bird hybrid is based on Native American Pow Wow dance costumes and aims to raise the vibe on the dance floor by attracting the…
Hear Aslan roar!! An impressive 10ft tall Aslan the lion installation
Bouncing bunnies in bonkers bonnets - that can mean one thing only. It's Easter!!
Fantasy creatures from the forest, AREA 51's fauns have reinvented the legendary characters as beautiful contemporary beasts.
Beautiful butterfly dancers from Area 51 make hearts flutter by with sizzling grace.
Give your party wings with dazzling dragonflies to delight!
Bouncy Boxing Kangaroos pack a punch and are a knockout option for unbeatable entertainment at any event with an animal theme or not!
Captured in the wild some years ago, these primates have been trained to act human, although it doesn't always quite work out as it did…
Yes, it's a Giraffe. Standing some 17 feet tall, and looking rather realistic. Not suited to every venue, so call us to discuss please!
Special commision for a Royal Event, our most intricate and delicate of costumes simply drip with class. Incredibly detailed - picture doesn't do it justice…
Reliably on top form though still not affording the Grand National win, guaranteed to win over your guests!