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Characters for Christmas and Easter time. Exquisite Ice Queens, terrifyingly funny Xmas trees that leap into life - we've got plenty of Wintery wonders for you to witness. And for Easter, we've some giant bunnies Springing your way!  

Add a unique flair to your next Christmas party with our unforgettable characters!

The traditional Christmas couple!
Bouncing bunnies in bonkers bonnets - that can mean one thing only. It's Easter!!
Att-ent-tion! Salute our fantastic festive toy soldiers!
Santa's Helpers are on hand to give a splash of colour and comedy to any Christmas themed event!
No Christmas is complete without the traditional pudding!
The magic of Christmas comes to life with this all-singing and all-dancing Christmas Tree!
Patriotic party event organisers needing a plucky and brave knight to provide a perfectly English slant are in luck....
Area 51 put the ICE back into 'nice' with our elegantly themed Ice time for Christmas 2011. Theese elegant and eye-catching costume creations are…
Dont let their names put you off, these most beautiful fairy like creatures are far from icey. Available on stilts or foot or as dancers
Make way for the Snow King and his beloved bride the Snow Queen.
Still our most popular Xmas costumes - reliably hilarious festive statue act!