Exclusive to Area 51, a new range of uniquely styled Big-Head characters. These larger than life walking caricatures are great fun - and much better value than the real thing! Can't find who you're looking for here? Our sculptors are always at the ready - Get in touch and ask for a custom creation quote! 

See the stars brought to life with that unmistakable dash of Area 51 comedy!

A favourite seasonal character, popular with all ages!
Ginormous gents sworn to protect the tower of London – and get the party started!
Iconic big headed bro’s plucked from the world of Nintendo and delivered to your event!
Royally comical caricatures walking tall!
Add some big-head thunder and lightning to your event by calling on the services of ancient god, Thor!
He will rock you! Queen's legendary frontman Freddy Mercury is a sure-fire guarantee to add royal approval to any event!
We have no Spiders from Mars, but we do have Ziggy Stradust. David Bowie in his most memorable guise.
Prince Charming, King of the Wild front Ear... it's the 80's most flamboyant new romantic icon - Adam Ant.
Mega-City One's finest, 2000AD's best known character... we couldn't resist
Pop king and queen Michael and Amy are now available to spruce up your event!
Rock your party and KISS the sky with these big-head rockers direct from Area 51!