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The Silver Gentleman & The Golden Lady

When two precious metals collide the result is an entertainment treat!

Gold and silver combined, these two brilliant human statues are an eye-catching blend who create plenty of attention.

Looking dapper in his sharp suit and jaunty hat, The Silver Gentleman has a trick or two up his sleeve and is a popular attraction.

One shove of his integrated 'push me' button and this highly-believable statue comes to life before the eyes of its audience to perform a series of entertaining and eye catching routines including illusions, tricks and a collection of funny faux pas items.

The Silver Gentleman act includes juggling, contact ball manipulation, hat tricks, clowning and mime. He stands proudly on a silver plinth with a matching silver suitcase.

Meanwhile, the Golden Lady is another superlative human statue.

Resplendent in a golden period costume, she is a statue of an ornate Victorian doll that comes to life in clockwork fashion to delight audiences of all ages with a routine that is heavy on humorous frivolities and clever tricks.

She performs using ballet, hula hoop, contact ball and parasol manipulation and stands on a lovely carousel-inspired golden plinth.

Please note: The Silver Gentleman and The Golden Lady can be booked together or separately.