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Veronika Valentine

The venerated Veronika Valentine is an iconic and breath taking burlesque performer of seismic activity.

From a stunning array of feathers floating out from beneath her iconic silver wings as she gracefully twists 'en Pointe' to topping a ten-foot industrial steel spider's web to more extreme acts (see elsewhere on this site) or combining ballet art and provocative avant garde performance masterpieces, Veronika Valentine's beautifully crafted routines are edgy, beautifully crafted and at times dark.

Influenced by the likes of Audrey Hepburn, The Cure's Robert Smith, Stanislavsky, Peter Whitehead, David Lynch and Iain Sinclair, she is an extraordinary artist.

Having grown up with a semi-professional ballerina for a mother and a father who taught the arts in Latin and Greek, she thrived in a creative, musical and artistic home.

Veronika began dancing and performing at a young age and has starred on various stages throughout the UK as well as on both TV and radio.

Today her performances incorporate her background in theatrical and ballet plus modern training as well as elements of the obscure including musical influences, Japanese film, human and animal rights and a passion for design, art, poetry and travel.

Fusing vintage glamour and dreams with the grotesque, politics, controversy, the esoteric and the abstruse, her performance routines reflect the various interests, outlets and influences in her lethally-attractive work.

Veronika is elegant, vivacious, feisty and intoxicating and has been an international performer of repute since 2007.

At present Veronika has an array of different shows on offer:


One of Veronika's signature acts, this show is a favourite with audiences across the world.

A Beautifully choreographed and sensual balletic performance, graceful and captivating, Veronika creates a stunning visual display with her ten foot silver wings as she elegantly masters the art of "en Pointe."


'Weightless' is a captivating and enchanting avant garde piece of ballet performance art, en pointe, in which Veronika encapsulates the "beauty and pain in the demise of love" in an emotional and provoking performance.

It made its debut for the London screening of "Annabelle's Tea Party", a Noomi Spook Film (2012).


Inspired by the genius of Marcel Marceau and the musical precocity of Yann Tiersen, Veronika incorporates the old art form of mime along with her theatrical and classical ballet training to create a stunning artistic portrayal of the heart-broken "pirouette."

"Enchanting beauty. Superstar." The Observer.


A visually stunning interpretation of the famous ice dance scene from Tim Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands' and performed to the sensual music of Danny Elfman, Veronika twists her signature 'Glory of A Woman' show into the romantic and idyllic world of fairy tale. With her famous ten foot silver wings and an explosive array of feathers, this act is truly amazing.