Klas Tacer

Gifted German Klas Tacer is a stupendous street theatre ace who has established himself as one of the leading performance artists working in Europe today and disproving the myth that Germans have no sense of humour!

A unique unicycling talent, he has a wide range of routines that include juggling, fire breathing and eating, often done while dexterously sitting aboard a seven-foot high uniciyle.

Ladies and gentlemen, Herren und Damen, Klas is an extremely experienced and in-demand artist and has a highly impressive CV and list of clients and has also regularly appeared on TV. Standing at an impressive 6ft 6in tall and boasting more stage presence than the collective cast of Riverdance, Klas is undoubtedly one "Klas act!'

With a career that spans more than 21 years of entertaining audiences throughout Europe, he has developed a unique street theatre act that runs faster than the River Rhine.

Klas originally honed his talents on the streets of cosmopolitan Köln in his native Germany where he rapidly established himself as a leading light in a city that straddles the Rhine. Now resident in the UK, he continues to take his talents across the globe.

The routines Klas performs are tastier and more satisfying than a slap up Bratwurst meal and will fit snuggly into any occasion snugger than a pair of tight fitting Lederhosen!

His routines combine skilled object manipulation with a dose of breathtakingly exciting stunts and tricks which are all liberally sprinkled with fun and comedy - audience participation is a vital element in Klas' performances.

Fire breathing is an area of expertise for our Teutonic top dog who is one of the best in Europe and his flames can reach a remarkable 21 feet in length, some feat and always guaranteed to draw gasps of admiration from onlookers. Another fascinating routine involves juggling fire while simultaneously breathing flames.

Klas initially began performing in 1986 after developing a fakir show involving fire talents and he then helped form the successful double act 'Sir Mortimer's Erben' which helped develop his love of juggling, unicycling and classic street theatre.

In the ensuing eight years Klas performed street and stage shows throughout continental Europe as well as teaching circus skills at workshops and also developing a children's circus programme. Since 1998 he has performed his solo show 'Herr Tarzer's Welt' which utilises several different skills, diabolo performance, fire torches on the unicicyle.

From 2001 Klas also worked with a three-man company called OptiX, performing fire and glow throughout Europe and when he moved to the UK he introduced the hilarious show 'No Offence, I'm German,' initially on the streets of Brighton and then across the nation.

Among his impressive list of clients are Mercedes, Nintendo, Siemens, Bayer AG, Karlsberg and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and he has appeared regularly at the Glastonbury festival while performing internationally at Abu Dhabi, Lausanne (Switzerland), Kehrsatz (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Varazdin (Croatia). 

Klas also maintains: "There will be no mention of the 1966 World Cup final, soccer penalties, Claudia Schiffer, Prince Phillip, Beethoven, the war or Nina and her 99 red balloons!"


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