John Godbolt

Have-a-go performer John Godbolt honed his talents by globetrotting and studying with the world's greatest in their fields and it is this global skills-gathering that have established him as Mister Versatile today.

The Yorkshire performer is conversant in my disciplines and entertaining styles after going on his travels, trawling the world to learn a number of diverse skills. With a background in martial arts, he was initially drawn to fire skills with staff and poi and then expanded from there.

Fire led him to the circus community where he managed to develop a brilliant reputation for his juggling.

While globetrotting he visited the Lake Tahoe Flow Arts Festival in California to further his poi, juggling and staff skills. He also took part in Melbourne's Spin Festival; down under and taking more guidance from visiting Scotland's Pyroceltica training centre.

He explained: "I took what I saw and learned at these places and more to help choreograph some top notch fire and pyrotechnic performances as seen at Boomtown, Kendal Calling and Secret Garden Party.

"I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and I have put my mind to many other different skills including aerial rigging, costume design, pyrotechnics, prop making, juggling, equilibristic hand balance, acrobatics, acrobalance and various forms of dance."