Jason Maverick

By Royal Appointment juggling maestro Jason Maverick is an award-winning and multi-talented entertainer from London who is one of the best known performers around today!

A former international athlete, he has performed in more than 20 countries since he launched his career in 1987 and the highlights of his fantastic career so far include performing at TWO private parties for Her Majesty The Queen and performance tours of Botswana, Oman and Turkey funded by the British Council.

Jason is also a well known TV presenter, having fronted 156 episodes of Channel 5's show 'Havakazoo' and won first price in the Rotterdam International Street Theatre competition.

His talents have taken him far and wide and other notable places he has visited to perform in include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lapland in northern Scandinavia, New York, the Caribbean, New Delhi in India, various destinations in the Baltic and extensively throughout continental Europe.

And in-demand Jason has also performed at private parties for the likes of Madonna, George Harrison, Sting, Jonathan Ross and Arnold Schwarznegger.

When taking his juggling routines to the street he has performed arguably the world's highest five-ball juggling show whereas his "Ice People show involves beautiful manipulation of crystal balls, slow motion movement and complete with a body belt music system that plays ambient chill out music to suit the routine.

He can also perform juggling routines as part of a two-man show.

As well as juggling, Jason is also a much respected mime artist and has a number of human statue shows.

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