Amy Hoop

Hypnotic hoop hotshot Amy Hoop is one of Area 51's most sought-after and prominent performers with a highly-impressive CV and an array of talents at her disposal.

Having spun hoops and taught hoop-dance for the past four years, Amy's career really took off in 2013 with a meteoric rise to prominence as an in-demand performer.

Recent appearances at Bestival,Zoo Project, Fairy Festival, Quest an a host of other prestigious major events, Amy is considered hot property.

It is her engaging and warm personality that has accelerated her rise and Amy's determination to engage personally with all audiences has bolstered her reputation and popularity.

Her skills and experience include performing with fire, stilt walking, freestyle dance, poi and performing as a human statue but it is her expertise with hoops that have really caught the imagination.

She has literally hundreds of varying routines involving single and multiple hoops. She weaves her magic with up to seven hula hoops spinning around her body at any one time and she has even successfully performed with 70 hoops launched over her body as she continues to gyrate.

One of her favourite reactions from audiences include "Woah! How many hoops is that?!" and "Wow - she is doing it on her nose!" while Amy's flirty and playful nature, together with carefully choreographed routines and fabulous freestyle shows have established her as one of Area 51's foremost performers.