2011 saw us bury the Tidy Boys... Alive!  Ending a long and fruitful relationship and putting a stop to what was no doubt the craziest string of stage shows ever known to man... Roll on 2013 – and the boys were back from the dead, and at the helm of the brand new IDEAL Weekender. With one simple objective - "To be bigger and better than ever!"

The ever ambitious party-mad pair were serious about this being the biggest and best hardcore event ever and so had no hesitation on insisting they be immortalised in Toy form forever.  "How on earth can we do that?" some might have asked... but not Area 51!  By now we understood their minds all too well and our sculptors got to work without hesitation.

Having created larger than life wearable versions of their own heads, they needed but one thing to complete their collectors edition look - the original packaging!  Our prop makers made short work of the contraptions and the boys were ready to hit the shelves. We then set about creating a giant Lego set and the new IDEAL signage.

The weekender had landed, all that existed then was pubs, clubs, the Tidy boys and of course, Area 51!

Our team of 20 plus hit the stage.  The music whipped them into a frenzy of delightful dolly dancers, 10ft tall transformers, juggling puppet masters, poi swinging playthings and other curious collectable curios.  There were millions (said Jeffrey) all under one roof, Toys...Were...Us...

Saturday night saw an unofficial record take place as the Where's Wally theme came into full force  – complete with an insane giant balloon launch.

Finishing off in style, we made short work of the Sunday night Cyberpunk theme. Time for our LED giants – the Globots, and the all powerful iGlobot, blowing punters minds as its co2 cannons made short work of lighting up the stage one last time.

The Tidy Weekender is dead – long live IDEAL!

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