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Great new option for club events; your own night pro-filmed in all its glory, interviews with guests and footage of all the action.

Fast edit and upload to the VeryDisco Channel, and you’ll also be sent a high-quality venue-branded file to upload to your own website for promotional purposes.

We’ll send a professional film crew to capture your event in stunning HD quality, complete with interviewer. We’ve gone all-out to provide the most professional package we can, so your delighted guests will really feel like a celeb.

We use the very best pro camera crews – TPAK productions and Another Schmuck; check out the edits on this page to give you an idea of their quality. Wherever you are, we’ll make your venue look like Ibiza’s finest!

Choice of presenters and styles - slick, sexy – or shocking! Why not book a few of our interactive performers on the same night – a combination of these with the interviews is the best way to show just how good your club is. If you’ve a PA booked for the night, we’ll make sure we get them too!

Cards can be distributed on the night with details of where to view the finished film, and it’ll stay online indefinitely. It’s a simple, very cost effective and instant promotional tool designed to give your guests centre-stage. Edit will be approximately 5 minutes.


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“I’ve been booking Area 51 for almost 10 years. They came to me recently with the VeryDisco idea and it’s been such a big winner we’ve booked it in 6 times for this year already.

The punters love to be on camera, and the footage I get to use as promo is invaluable. The rock and roll approach of the presenters is out of this world; sexy, slick and totally cool. I’d recommend it to each and every club!”

Mike Warner, Entertainment manager at the Wright Venue – Dublin’s Superclub.
“Just wanted to say a quick thanks for your work on our Birthday video.
The guys on the night were fantastic and really understood the theme and got in to character very well. Polite, friendly, funny and excellent on camera.

The video edit is great and has been a great tool to show what we can do here at Play. Look forward to working with you guys again soon!”

Dan Guerche, General manager Play Hereford.