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The iGLOBOT stageshow

Introducing the incredible iGlobot, the world's best hi-tech LED robot performer, with an array of techno gadgets to dazzle any audience!

Armed with an arsenal of awesome gizmos and special FX to die for, this unique state of the art entertainment behemoth stands tall over its opposition.

Utilising the latest wireless LED technology available with stand-alone pyrotechnics, shoulder-mounted blue lasers and dual controllable CO2 cannons in both arms, the iGlobot is Area 51's stylish new stormtrooper that is turning heads among the elite of global nightlife  big-wigs.

Its remotely controlled LED lighting system can allow synchronisation between the iGlobot and other performers involved in the show such as the iGlogirls or any suitably equipped room decor. An infinity mirror chest runs through the centre of the robot.

The iGlobot is also available for walkabouts.

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