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that Britain's Got Talent stageshow

"I absolutely love this act - I'd like to buy you and have you in my house, performing the whole time!" - SIMON COWELL

They said we were crazy, but we thought we'd give it a shot. And this is the show that made it into the semis of BGT. . We had just over a minute to impress, and so we crammed in as much a we could! We aimed to show the general public that this kind of entertainment was every bit as relevent (and much more exciting) as the usual song and dance act; moved a few goalposts for the show we think.  Considering it was so different to the other acts, we got an amazing response, especially from Simon Cowell who offered us a residency at his mansion!

Considering we had to pull stuff last minute (our lovely rocket boosters for the Transformer), and only had 20 mins studio rehearsal time - in which to master the flying too - we did good. We absolutely rocked that semi-final stage.

Have a look at the video below to see our guys gatecrashing the biggest show on TV. Look out for the Globots teleporting in - as the cameras almost completely missed it!

This act is available in a scaled down format.

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