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Alien Autopsy

One of our most famous stageshows has now been given a total overhaul, with a brand new super-realistic Alien grey cadaver. Superbly sculpted by our very own Helen Gallop, this is the ultimate recreation of a truly popular culture icon.

 The show itself is a full recreation of an Alien Autopsy - identical to the notorious Ray Santilli "Alien Autopsy" video that was released to the world a few years back. The subject of a film of the same name starring Ant and Dec.

Features latex replica stuffed with organs and gore, just waiting to be disembowelled before your very eyes. Eyes are removed, cranium opened with bone saw and brain scooped out - and finally the intestines. If you're after a shocking act of random strangeness, then you can't go wrong. It'll probably leave your audience speechless, slightly confused and possibly a little disturbed - so be warned! Very bloody. There's a video of our autopsy show, cunningly disguised as the "real thing" just to catch out those more gullible UFO believers; if you want a chuckle, just read a few of the comments..!We construct and destroy a whole Alien body specially for each show. Showtime 8 mins approx.


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