Without a shadow of a doubt, these stunningly beautiful characters are the most elaborate we've ever made. Truly another level in costume design, they are specifically designed to cross genres and blend a multitude of themes.

Gently Steam-punked headdresses, exotic decoration and armour lend an otherworldly tribal look to the characters. Echoes of the past skilfully combined with a hint of post-apocalyptic future.

Hundreds of feathers have been used in the making of these outfits – carefully inlaid into CNC cut wing frameworks, integrated into every detail of the hugely detailed costumes and subtly lit with concealed LED lighting, run from powerful 12v rechargeable power packs. No expense has been spared making sure these are truly a next generation of walkabout and stage performer.

The costumes are completely modular, meaning they can be used on foot for dance and fire, they have a choice of standard stilts, power stilts or even digileg options, and there are 2 types of wing to suit different venues. Make-up is styled by Emma Fay – and can be tailored towards tribal, or softer and more sexy if you prefer. Each character has a minimum of 45 minutes make-up to sit thru, so it's essential we have dressing room space.

Even though there are of course full dance and show options – and you really need to see the somersaulting powerstilters to believe them - this option suits clubs with less in the way of stagespace – the characters themselves provide such a vivid experience that they're a walking performance. This is high fashion indeed!

The costumes also feature in our Circus – TIKI – where they've won critical acclaim for their detail. Brand new re-working for 2014 builds upon the original designs – bigger and brighter, with heaps more detail and LED.

Somersaulting Powerstilters
Multiple fireshow options – or bright white LED
Stilt characters and themed dancers
Contortion and aerial options
Bed of Nails and Staff from Voodoo King Fakir
Voodoo themed breakdancers
Cyr Wheel if space allows
Tribal Drummers
Make-up by Emma Fay

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