We're always forging into the future with new ideas - but how about a little fantasy trip back in time to an alternate Victorian reality?

Steampunk is the absolute King of cool right now, and we've been hard at work in AREA 51's steam-powered workshop facility. We've recently designed, costumed and directed a whole Steampunk - styled Circus - Cirque Berserk - which ran for 7 weeks in London's Hyde Park to rave reviews. This puts us in the most agreeable position of being able to offer you lucky chaps a taste of this most impressive and very British of themes!

Wonderfully intricate mechanical costumes, splendidly attired ladies of the highest class - and a few highly trained gentleman chimpanzees for good measure. Bravo, sir!

We've put together some tantalizingly good packages, featuring from 3 - 8 performers, providing the following;

Male Steampunk stilt characters including Professor with working mechanical wings
Gorgeously sexy Steampunkette stiltwalkers
Steampunk themed podium dancers, with fully choreographed show if required
Gentleman Chimpanzees
Deep Sea Divers
Co2 Cannon stageshow, fired from Victorian themed guns
Fire and angle grinder stageshows
Steampunk fire girls on arrival