Oldschool fun and games are the order of the day with our Retro option. Re-live your youth (or even your parent's) and bring back memories with our army of truly amazing creations. We invested tons in building these guys just for you - and they are guaranteed to put a smile on any face. I mean, come on, who could possibly resist a pair of 10 foot tall perfectly scaled up Lego men?!

We've got packages featuring from 2 - 7 performers, and lots of stageshows;

Pair of 10' tall giant Lego men!
Dwarf Lego man (very cute)
Mario Bros Co2 show
Dwarf Mario (incredibly cute)
Ghostbusters foot characters with Co2 show
Mr Staypuft - 11 foot tall giant Marshmallow Man
Ghostbusters dance routine, with 'Busters / Staypuft for larger package
Retro - style stilt girls and dancers