Become a Hollywood studio, as our film crew descend on your venue bringing with them a cast of actors, extras and, of course, monsters. Welcome to SFX central!

Hollywood or Bust package typically features crew of 12-14; including actors, Interactives, superdancers, extras, film crew (cameraman / make-up girl) & a coordinator.

Guests will be given the Hollywood treatment on arrival, paparazzi snappers and film crew on hand too. A few statues in reception will set the scene nicely – and then things get a little crazy!

Depending on which scenarios (see above) that you book, you’ll be treated to a roaming visual feast of film-quality characters and special effects. Our Director will coordinate the action; calling the shot, watching carefully – then yelling “CUT”. Immediately the actors stop, make-up girl is on with the powder, bit of extra blood for the monsters – perhaps a little breath freshener for the Predator – then it’s “ACTION”, as the cameras start rolling again. That’s the general jist of things, and this will take place either randomly around the venue, or in pre-planned places – if it’s on a stage we’ll try to make sure the action flows smoothly into a choreographed dance routine. Quite clever, really!

We shoot spoof usually, but if you like we can film in HD and give you a superbly presented video, courtesy of our in-house VeryDisco Channel. We can add real lookalikes (is that even possible?) if you want extra Hollywood Razzle.

Choose 3 of the following Movie scenarios / themes;

Ghostbusters / Alien Autopsy / Frankenstein / King Kong are all viewable on video in the stageshow section. Others include;

Now featuring a brand new giant Alien Queen with Co2 jets - an incredible stageshow.

Dusk ‘til Dawn
Snake dancer performs on stage or podium, vampires appear and set upon (planted) members of the crowd. The bloodied girls then become vampires themselves and perform dance routine if they’re on a stage.

Star Wars
Stormtroopers are excellent on arrival; Lord Vader himself always goes down a treat. Incredible replica costumes look great in a large group – a whole Imperial army.

We have other themes on request. Performance ideas are intended as a guideline; we are happy to discuss exact requirements. All the options are subject to venue suitability.


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