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Styled after the sideshow tradition, and designed around a genuine Victorian platform trolley, the entire stage (erected by a team of trained Circus chimps) folds up or down in under 2 minutes – into a mysterious looking wheeled trunk - ready for wheeling to its next port of call... like a miniature Imaginarium.

Designed primarily as a moving performance piece, the show is ideal as a combination of both walkabout and stageshow. Performers stay in character for 2 hours at a time, and the show is erected and performed 4 or 5 times during this period. Acts follow in another contraption – a 15 foot stretch sedan car. Our crazed Ringmaster then chooses 4 or 5 acts at a time to make each performance different to the last...

We have a number of superb artistes who appear in the Caravan of Lost Souls – and you're free to choose those that suit your needs best. Traditional Circus acts, Fakirs, Magicians, Bawdy musical songstresses, Burlesque girls, Freaks and Fire performers to name but a few. Depending on budget you can have as many as you want.

This is a wonderfully atmospheric show – featuring beautifully designed props and costumes, authentic music and a choice of the best cabaret personalities performing today. It's also totally self-contained when used as an outdoor (or indoor) walkabout. It works equally well as a family-friendly daytime parade, or is simply delicious as a slightly darker more adult oriented performance piece.

The sheer adaptability of the Caravan of Souls means it can also be used as an after-dinner show – rumbling onto the dancefloor from out of nowhere; erecting in a flash, 45 minutes of acts... and disappearing before your guests' amazed eyes... there is simply nothing else like it!